Building Surveys

Why do I need a survey?

Purchasing a house or building is likely to be one of the biggest investments we make in our lives. Not only financially, but in the case of a family home also emotionally. A professional inspection can give you peace of mind during one of the most stressful times you will face in your life.

No building is perfect. Our reports not only help you understand the current issues of a property and possible solutions but also any likely maintenance issues you could face in the near future and the scope of the works needed.

The cost of a professional survey is very little in comparison to the hundreds of thousands you are looking to invest. Even if the results of the survey help you decide not to purchase the property, it is a small price to pay in comparison to the lifetime of costs and stress that result from the maintenance issues and repairs that you would have otherwise bought into.

What happens in a survey?

(White Asbestos)

Once you agree to the quote provided a team of two surveyors will negotiate a convenient time to visit the property with the selling party.

At the property our surveyors will systematically work their way around the building and its grounds, taking photos and damp measurements, where required, as part of their visual inspection.

The surveyors will take note of the condition of the buildings structure, plumbing, sewage system, electrics, woodwork, fireplaces and flues, tiled surfaces and overall decorative finish.
In line with the RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey Guidelines, our surveyors are limited to making their investigation based purely on what is visible without use of intrusive methods.

Bespoke Written Report

What is included in the report?

Once sufficient information has been gathered to make our conclusions on the property, the surveyors will distill their findings into a bespoke written report.

Unlike many other surveyors we do not perform a checkbox exercise, but seek to inform you of our specific findings, their likely cause and possible solutions complete with annotated photographs of points of concern.

Furthermore we take care to investigate the relevant national databases to make an assessment on the local lay of the land, services available to the property and issues such as flood risk and historic mine locations.

Asbestos Surveys

We provided management and refurbishment and demolition surveys. We aim to help you understand the results and know how to implement best practice. 


Wether it's a management or a refurbishment and demolition survey we work to locate any asbestos in your property.

Professional Advice

Each survey is unique, so we aim to work with you in order to produce a survey that is in line with your needs. We have years of experience so we can help you understand what is required in your situation.

Laboratory Sampling

We test all material samples that we take in line with HSE guidelines, and provide you with the accredited results. This is a key step to help you make a management plan, or decide how to handle the material in the case of refurbishment or demolition.


Putting in place an asbestos management plan or arranging for removal or remedial works can be confusing. We aim to help you get the information that you need in order to correctly implement best practice in your situation.


Asbestos comes in various forms and can be found in any number of different materials. We help you identify the risk posed by each installation in your property. For
each item we provided as standard a material risk assessment and an asbestos register.


Not all asbestos needs to be removed, however all business have a duty to manage asbestos at their premises. Our report together with our consultation will help you to put in place an effective management plan to protect yourselves and others.

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